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3 in 1 Mobile Air Conditioning System

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3 in 1 Mobile Air Conditioning System - Are you ready for the summer.

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3 in 1 Mobile Air Conditioning System

Are you ready for the summer...? Fight the oppressive heat and polluted air... This 3 in 1 Aircooler has a fan that not only provides pleasantly fresh and cool air through a water tank. but also humidifies and filters it.
This air conditioner works completely without exhaust hose or other similar pre-installations. No exhaust air is generated with this device. The unit is ready to use and immediately produces the required and desired cooling. An all-rounder. with a lot of efficiency and low consumption of heat and polluted air.
At the same time. it improves the ambient air. The Aircooler differs from conventional fans because the air is not only cooled. but also humidified and cleaned to improve the indoor climate.
The Aircooler is suitable for all types of rooms up to approx. 50-60 m². The Aircooler can also be controlled with the included remote control.
Highlights: 3-in-1 function. Air cooler. air purifier. humidification fan with 3 speed settings. 8 litres water tank with level indicator. extremely low energy consumption with high cooling performance. cooling output. 60 watts computer control system. energy saving. easy to transport thanks to stable rollers and light weight. timer from 0.5 hours to 7.5 hours oscillating incl. 2 ice packs. Remote control details: Power supply. fixed power cable.


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